Tuesday 1 November 2011

Sad faces

Ah. Email from Lily.  


Hmmm. I'm still none the wiser. Is she feeling upset or just acknowledging that it's sad?


Phone rings. Oh good. It's from the Manor.

‘Mum!’ a little voice pipes. ‘I’m confused. Am I staying tonight or coming home?’

‘You’re staying, darling. I’m almost at the airport now. I went home yesterday because of Dusty Do, but I’ve got to fly to Vietnam tonight.’  

‘Oh, OK. And Mu-um, you know how Esme’s coming home for the weekend when you're back...’

'Mmm.' I bite my tongue. 

‘Can we make pompoms for Santa’s grotto?’


‘And Mu-um, I told Esme about Dusty. Is that all right?’

‘Yes. It’s not a secret, unless you want to keep it secret…?’

‘No.’ Am I imagining it, or does her voice sound a tiny bit higher-pitched and tighter than normal? ‘Mu-um, I was a bit upset at tea when I read about Dusty.’

‘Well, darling, it is very sad.’


‘Was Esme nice to you?’

‘Yes. And Mu-um, Esme told Sassie. Is that all right?’

‘Yes, darling. It’s fine. Are they the only ones in your dorm who know? Do you not want the others to know?’


I take this to mean that she’s not sure.

‘Mu-um, there’s the bell for prep. Bye!’

My funny girl.

Right. Just pulling in to Heathrow. Check in first and then brace myself to call Mike. I wonder how my group is getting on. They should be on their way to Saigon right now. The thing is, they'll be fine. They only had to wait a couple of hours at the airport and the local guide is meeting them at Saigon to take them to the hotel.

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