Friday 16 March 2012

CO calamity

Oh my God.

On carbon monoxide poisoning:

Although you may make an apparent full recovery, it could take several years for the damage to show up, by which time the CO incident has been forgotten and the damage attributed to something else. In severe cases, it is even worse than this. Recent medical research has shown that the uptake of carbon monoxide in the membranes of our brain causes these membranes to break down releasing further poisonous and dangerous chemicals, leading to long term brain damage. A few cases have been recorded, where victims of CO poisoning have apparently made a complete recovery, only to be admitted to hospital a few days later, with Parkinson's like disease. Only very recently have these problems been linked to CO poisoning. Longer term, victims can suffer cognitive and learning difficulties. Again, the past these were attributed to growing older and other medical conditions, but now it is known to be caused by the long term effects of CO poisoning.

The lifespan of a person who has had a carbon monoxide incident can be severely shortened. 

So much for the 24 hours. Thank God Lily's been boarding so much. All that healthy eating, all for nought. Body is now saturated with killer chemicals. Well, this settles it. Must emigrate to a country where heating not needed. 

Though this is probably a country where all the cars pump out CO. Doomed!

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