Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fish Oil and Marmite

I take the bottle of Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules which hasn't been opened for two weeks. The capsules have stuck together. I shake the bottle, spraying the contents around the kitchen.

Lily laughs.

'How did that happen?' I ask, looking at the bottle accusingly. The screw lid is tightly screwed on, but it seems there's a flip lid within it that has flipped open.

'I did that with the flour only it was worse,' says Lily gaily. 'Hypocrite!'

'I'm not a hypocrite. You should be more sympathetic, since you know what it's like.'

'Technically you are a hypocrite, because you did exactly the same thing that you said I shouldn't do.' She pauses. 'Mummy, do you think I'll ever like Marmite again?'

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