Tuesday 26 June 2012

Hound for a Heroine

Dolly is puffed up with pride. Her brother Bunker has been chosen to be in a squadron of just 5 puppies to be trained as a Hound for Heroes. Apparently they scour the length and breadth of the UK looking for the perfect puppies, and out of some 140 labradors, Bunker, yes Bunker, was chosen.


Hounds for Heroes can apparently do remarkable things, such as posting letters, collecting bus tickets (not sure if they can swipe Oyster cards), supermarket shopping, getting your cash at the ATM and doing the washing (again, not sure if they can hang it on the line). So far Dolly has only mastered shredding papers, collecting shoes and trailing Lily's tights around the garden, but she is willing to learn. The training is pretty labour-intensive for over a year, but as of ... let's say tomorrow, Dolly is going into training with her handler, Eliza Gray, to become a Hound for a Heroine.

Dolly is willing!

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