Thursday 25 October 2012

Dolly and Me

The wretched dog is bordering on Marley and Me territory. Last night, banished to the utility room, she found nothing of interest to destroy. What a sweet girl she is, I thought today. And so, when I went out this evening, I forgot about her scavenging instincts and left the chocolate brownies I made for Lily's half-term homecoming cooling on a rack on the worktop.

This is what is left of the chocolate brownies. Which were made from Chocolat Patissier Menier with 70% cocoa and half a pack of butter, I may add.

Here is the model of self-abasement. Or perhaps it's the model of a dog who is about to die of chocolate poisoning.

Oh God. Had better call the emergency vet. 

'She's had a whole plate of chocolate brownies with 100g of really good French chocolate - 70% cocoa,' I tell him.

'Mmm, sounds delicious,' he says. 'What else was in them?'

'Half a pack of butter, 4oz sugar, 2oz self-raising flour - it should have been plain, but I didn't have any - and then I forgot the baking powder, so they weren't as brownie-ish as usual, more cakey.'

'Mmm, they still sound delicious. Did she eat them all?'

'Yes, wretched dog.'

'Shame. I was going to say bring her in, and bring what's left of the brownies...' 

He checks the toxicity levels of 100g of chocolate in a dog of 15kg and says the risk is low to moderate.

'You could give her charcoal which absorbs the toxins and may also induce vomiting,' he advises.

You see, if we'd been housesitting in the country, everyone has coal and logs, but here we only have fancy ceramic fake logs. 'So do I need to go down to the local petrol station and buy some barbecue charcoal?' I ask.

'No. Charcoal tablets from an all-night pharmacy or vet.'

Ah. We decide, however, that since she's not showing any signs of distress, I should stay in and just monitor her heart rate every 15 minutes.

'You'll probably want to make it a late night tonight,' he adds. 'Keep checking on her till about 1am. Oh and since you've got a scavenger on your hands, I should take out insurance.'


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