Friday 14 December 2012

Combating the brain fog?


I am determined to combat the brain fog. First, I step up the pace of my morning walk, march up soggy hill and down dale, do a few energising Tai Chi-ish stretches, and return to make a healthy breakfast. Ah it feels good to be alive!

I make a cup of Pukka Three Ginger tea 'to uplift and warm', then chop up an apple and a banana, add a handful of blueberries and sprinkle over walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds. Yes! Soon my brain will be firing on all cylinders.

I take the Onken Biopot natural set yogurt with brain-enhancing live cultures from the fridge, take a big spoonful and dollop it... in my Pukka tea.



Lily calls. Ah. My baby is coming home soon.

'Mum! Have you got my blue suitcase? We're packing this morning.'

Oh God. I race to the cupboard and find I have indeed got her blue suitcase. How could that happen? Why would I have taken it away, empty?

'Sorry, darling, you're going to have to pack everything in bin liners. I'll bring the case and you can transfer it on Sunday morning.'

'Bin liners?' she repeats.

'I'm afraid so. There's nothing else we can do.'


Hang on. Didn't she take my big black suitcase back to school this term? Since she was boarding she needed the bigger one. I race back to the cupboard. Yes! No black suitcase.

I call her back. 'Lily! You didn't take your blue suitcase. You took my big black suitcase!'

'I knew that,' she says without missing a beat.

'What? You knew...'

She laughs. 'That's what we say when we've been really dumb and find out the answer. I'm looking at it now!'

Honestly! Still, you see, excellent attitude. In future, when people say, 'You're an hour late for lunch,' or 'You've just put yogurt in your tea,' I'll just say, 'I knew that.'

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