Monday 10 June 2013

Communicating with the Young

I know, it's been all quiet on the Gray front. At least it has as far as my blog is concerned, but that's because life itself has been anything but quiet! More of that, possibly, in due course. :)

Yes, I am now an official smiley and sad-face user, now that I communicate with the Younger Generation. I cannot hold back the tide. Lily has joined Facebook. She has a phone. We Like. We text. We :(. We  :). She also :Ds and :ps and :/s, whatever they may mean.

Our text conversations go something like this:

L: Heey!

Me: Heeey!

L: Lol

Me: Lol

L: Quit copying!!

Me: Darling it's called mirroring.

[Pause while I open up Facebook to see what she's up to. Hmmm. Wish she were a little more discriminating with her Likes...]

Me: Nice profile pic darling. How was your English exam?

L: Arghh!!!!! It was awful!!!!!!!! I hate xams!!! They r EVIL THINGS THAT SHD NEVER HV BEEN INVENTED!!!!!!!!

Me: :( I'm sure you did OK darling.

L: Only got Latin left!!!!

Me: Good oh. Anybody been in tears or tantrums?

L: Me @ the beginning lol.

Me: :( Which exam?

L: Latin :(

Me: Hang on, you said you only have Latin left, so doesn't that mean you haven't done it yet?

L: Ohhh got confused. Lol. Hahaha. I cried before the xams it's called postexamsyndrome

Me: Darling 'post' as you'll know from Latin is AFTER... Preexamsyndrome perhaps?

L: Don't burst my bubble!! I thought I had made up a gd name there!!! :p

Me: If you cry After the exams you could call it Postexamsydrome... :)

L: *epic annoyed face w a thought saying Can't she accept my name for my illness??

Me: :) Right honey pie. Enough texting and facebooking! Pls do some vocab revision and remember to be precise in your translations. Not just a roughly right one! :)

L: Can I just say...

L: I did a translation (cuz I wanted to) harder than CE AND she said I did WELL!!!

Me: Lily! Do NOT put yr phone no on yr FB page. Delete that post quick.

Me: Well done re Latin. I know u r v g at it

L: Is this u?? 447749347296??

Me: It is me your mother. Who else did you think it suddenly was? The 44 is the English country code. if u r in UK u use a 0 instead but on mobiles both work

L: Ooohh!!!!!  Can I get an oyster card??

Me: Yes but it takes 2 wks

L: Dowh :(

L: Cb I gt a tube account?

Me: What?

L: utube

Me: Ah. If u can set up without yr pic or age then yes. After the exams!

L: Kk thanx. Also can I get the NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL 30 YEARS album??

Me: Stop Lily! Go and R E V I S E!

L: Lol

L: Haha

Me: Good luck darling xxx

L: :p

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