Wednesday 31 August 2011

Summer RIP

Feeling a certain fin de saison ennui (fear of dark evenings and autumnal chill/regret over the summer that never was), coupled with mild disgust with self. If I could have today all over again, I would have got Lily and me up and out of the house earlier, delivering Lily to the riding stables before the staff disappeared for lunch, so that she could have spent the afternoon mucking out instead of listening to story tapes in the car and running down the car battery while I was shopping, so that at 5.30pm, we would have been on our way home instead of waiting for the AA, and at 6.30pm the Aga would have been on and cooking dinner, rather than off and there being no dinner to cook, forcing us to decamp to the Coach and Horses, where we ate too much steak and ale pie and lasagne and chips.


On the bright side, Dusty seems fine today and my Endocrine Mender has arrived. Will start taking tomorrow. You have to do a Test Day, taking one capsule every hour until you are filled with a sense of well-being and supreme energy. Then on subsequent days you take the same number of pills in one go. Will be marvellous.

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