Tuesday 13 November 2012

Eliza Gray in Tribute!

I skim down my Twitter feed and my heart leaps for joy.

One of my tweets has been Favourited (actually, Favorited) by none other than Tribute Magazine! The stuff dreams are made of! This, I can only presume, is a magazine celebrating the great movers and shakers of our time. Yes! Eliza Gray in Tribute! I click on the link to see what great company I am in. 


Tribute Magazine UK for the hairdressing industry. A platform for the best images, salons and people

OK. It's all about managing expectations. A little readjustment is required. And... 

Yes! Eliza Gray in Tribute! In tribute to Tribute, I am reposting some of last year's highlights (pun intended). Dear readers, see if you can spot who they are. Clue: 1. Eliza Gray. 


Bad hair is the new good hair

Complimented by three people on tigerish yellow-orange hair today, including my hairdresser in Candlebury. Have stopped protesting. Instead rejoice on realising I'm in good company. Everybody who's anybody has badly bleached hair. Hmmm. Maybe can become late-onset film star?


Unnaturally blonde 2

To distract myself from being unable to get hold of Lily all day (school lock-in to rehearse for a concert tomorrow), I am Bad Bottle-Blonde-spotting. Three more glaring candidates. I really am in marvellous company.


Two more suspects

Are there no natural blondes in celebdom?


  1. Fabulous post. Glad I personally stay away from dye and don't have that headache (pun intended).

    Glad to see that the Twittersphere is sparking you to have fun. Why mix with the likes of LJ when you can have fun with blondes.

    Oh and thanking you again for tweeting out my link to Miriam on You Tube.

    I am glad one of the side effects of attending Mumsnet Blogfest is that we have all found you and your blog.

    Liska xx

  2. Orange, stripy hair seems to be the new 'in'! I am a huge fan of hair dye, my life would simply be very dull and VERY grey without it! Yours is by far the most superior of them all :) Look what LJ managed to open up for you and for all of us who have since found your blog - three cheers to Liz!

  3. I thought you were great on Saturday. I also thought you had very good hair :)

  4. Luckily the orange tiger stripes grew out....