Saturday 10 November 2012

The Big Day dawns


I blame Lily. Or more precisely my selflessness at donating my hot water bottle to her yesterday after hers had sprung a leak. (I know, whatever next? Hot water bottles in boarding school!) My feet are like blocks of ice.  So much for my beauty sleep.


I am about to go on holiday to France with Lily and an unsuitable suitor but I can't find her passport and now she's spinning round like a dervish, and now she's fallen over and, oh God! Her arm looks like a cheese twist. 

'Is it broken, darling?' I ask.

'Yes,' she whimpers. She looks deathly pale.

'Is there a medic around?' I shout to the crowd that has formed.

'Yes!' cries a young man, rushing to our aid. He takes hold of Lily's twisted arm and Chinese-burns it back in line.

Aagh! And, indeed, Ow

I awake with a jolt. Oh God, it's the Big Day.

Now. What to wear?


  1. Great talk yesterday at the mumsnet blogfest! Looks like I have another blog to follow - am looking forward to reading about Eliza-and-Lily. So many tricky issues were raised yesterday but it seems you manage to walk the fine line between 'truth' and 'good copy', while not sacrificing honest insights. Thank you! Ciao catinitaly

  2. It was lovely to meet you yesterday and I really appreciated the chat about how much of my daughter I put in my blog. What a lovely warm lady you are :)

  3. Thank you, kind Divorced Lady's Companion and Actually Mummy! Real readers . Am about to blog about yesterday... Eliza X