Monday 12 November 2012

Oscar fantasies

I email my loyal readers (ie a few close friends and family members) to coax them to click through to my blog instead of reading it all on email, which doesn't count in the great game of stats and followers. How will I ever become an Influencer in the social media world if even my readers won't stand up and be counted? 

'When I'm rich,' I tell them, 'you'll all be richly rewarded, I promise! Open invitations to my houses around the world. Rides in my limo. Lavish gifts. Invitations to my book launch and the Oscars when they've made the film of the book.'

I mean it, too.

I send this email to Lily, followed by another email which contains more important mother-child stuff such as, could you please turn your phone on this evening so I can call you?

Her phone remains off, but an email pings into my inbox.

Trust u 2 have fantasies about limos and houses around the world and Oscars!!!!!

What was I saying the other day about Lily being the pastmaster of the spectacular put-down?


  1. I could read it all in my email, but I clicked through anyway to comment. She sounds like a perfect teenager to me - at least she says it with a lol ;)

    1. Which to Lily and her friends, as with David Cameron, means 'lots of love'. Hoorah - a return to the old-fashioned idiom by the young!

  2. No one but a teenager knows how to take the wind out of your sails! xcat