Friday 21 September 2012

Fame and the Voices of Fear and Wisdom

Oh my Lord! Fame is upon me! Well, imminently! Caitlin Moran, Jeanette Winterson, Zoe Williams, Prof Tanya Byron, Natasha Walter, Liz Jones and ... me, Eliza Gray! Talking about our oeuvres at the inaugural Mumsnet BlogFest on 12th November! It's all marvellous.

Except my oeuvre has got lost in the move. And eclipsed by more pressing issues, such as clearing up after naughty Dolly (who has taken to unzipping her cage and going on a dawn raid, emptying the hats-and-gloves pigeon hole, renting slippers asunder and dissecting juggling balls) and hobbling round the BMX track in the park in an attempt to get fit enough not to shame myself mercilessly at the Raleigh weekend.

Plus, the notion of sharing a panel with some of the greatest women of our time is a) laughable, b) hysterical and c) terrifying. In other words, ARGH!

Let's see what Rhonda has to say. Here we are. The Voice of Fear vs The Voice of Wisdom. Hmmm. Except both my voices are saying the same thing: Don't Do It! Cancel the Raleigh! Cancel the Public Speaking! Go back to Walking the Dog and Hoovering!

Ah. I see. Rhonda saysThe subtlety between the two voices is razor thin. Fear can be so clever and so convincing it's hard to tell the difference. But they have two very different goals.

The voice of fear will always make you feel bad about yourself, will always focus on the shoulds, the can'ts, the don'ts, the won'ts...

Aha. So it's the Voice of Fear saying Don't Do It!

The Voice of Wisdom (or Intuition) doesn't ever shame you, doesn't ever blame you, doesn't ever make you feel like you should do something, it just says, 'Hey, you might want to try this.' This is a revelation! The Voice of Wisdom has never once addressed me in my life. Only ever the Voice of Fear.

Well, I'm going to take the bull by the horns! I'm saying Yes! to Raleigh and Mumsnet and No! to Fear!

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