Friday 14 September 2012

Morning dew

Em and I take the dogs for a walk. How quickly one becomes a townie! I have in my immaculately hoovered car boot (on account of the recent Spanish ant infestaciรณn rather than a newfound rigour re neatness or indeed cleanliness): flipflops, cute little suede espadrilly things acquired from the new (to me) TK Maxx in Brixton, and 'waterproof' trainers which have never been remotely waterproof.

The thing is, in London, we don't have dew! At least, not at the hour I dogwalk. In any case, in London we have tarmacced paths through our grass. Within three minutes, my 'waterproof' trainers are drenched. I squelch through the meadows, avoiding cowpats, feeling wrong-footed and alien. How on earth did I do this for two whole years?  

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