Thursday 27 September 2012

Pony club

Ah! At last I manage to get a two-minute audience with Lily on the phone.

'We're in the middle of the pony obstacle course,' she says breathlessly.

'I thought you'd be tucked up in bed by now?'

'I was in bed.'

'Eh? You just said...'

'Mu-um! We do it at night in the dorm. Pony obstacle course. Cecilia's the jump, Mattie's Teasel the pony, Eva's the rider who jumps over Cecilia the jump and she also rides Hannah who's Splinter, and Tara's the teacher.'

'Oh. Well that sounds like fun. What are you?'

'I'm just the audience because I don't want to get an SYR.' 

It really is gratifying to find out that my daughter is quite sensible on the Manor's own scale of off-the-wall to off-the-planet.

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