Monday 17 September 2012

Fearless Living?

Oh God. How did Rhonda Britten know about me? She's just sent me a link to her Fearless Living Boot Camp. I'm cringing at the very thought, being thoroughly Fearful about everything, especially Boot Camps.

Rhonda says:

You can't find love without risk.
You can't feel loved without risk.
You can't feel satisfied, have peace of mind or trust yourself without risk.

Well, honestly. What a killjoy. However, it so happens that I have a risk strategy up my sleeve. 

When I was in the depths of indecision and inertia and in-everything-else-negative-you-can-think-of re moving, packing, etc, I galvanised myself into overcoming my fear of applying for jobs, and applied to be a volunteer manager with Raleigh International (the fact that there was no remuneration made it less scary, as the potential humiliation stakes seemed less high). 

Raleigh kindly invited me on an assessment weekend in October, comprising 'various activities, indoor and outdoor, both mental and physical... the weekend is fun and you should expect to enjoy yourself!' That'll be jolly, I thought, imagining a hearty walk followed by boozy after-dinner games of charades or possibly Scrabble. 

I have now got round to reading the attached documents. 

'As there is a physical element to the weekend there may be some risk involved,' it commences. My heart is beating overtime at the very words R I S K   I N V O L V E D! But that is as nothing to the Equipment List:

Rucksack – please be prepared to carry your kit throughout the weekend. If the weather forecast looks like rain, it might be advisable to line your rucksack with binbags!
Tent – if you already have a tent, or are able to borrow one, then please bring it along. If not, we will arrange for you to share with others.
Sleeping bag 
Roll mat 
Warm clothing for the evening 
Water bottle 
Compass (if you have one) 
Mug, mess tin/bowl/plate 
Knife, fork, spoon 
Outdoor clothing (not jeans) - please bring a change of clothes 
Spare pair of Shoes - an old pair that you do not mind throwing away! 
Outdoor Footwear – if you already own walking boots, these are ideal
You should arrive in the clothes that you will start the weekend in - these should be clothes that you are prepared to get wet, muddy and possibly ruined!

Argh! Argh! Argh!

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