Tuesday 18 October 2011

Art gallery job triumph!


Open up emails. There's one from The First Post, a marvellous daily email from The Week, with ten top things you should know in the news. Am marvellously well informed these days.

'Glad Shat prisoners swap underwear.' Ooh, that sounds interesting. Nip upstairs to get headache-inducing glasses.

Oh. 'Gilad Shalit prisoner swap underway.' Not so interesting after all.

Ooh! The Willows Art Gallery! Yes! It's the one I applied to for the admin assistant job. They wonder if I can come in at short notice tomorrow for the day, by way of an audition. Call them immediately. Yes, yes, I can come in! No, no problem at all! They're seeing another couple of candidates this week, they say, but I'm in a shortlist of three, and they're very impressed by my prior experience working in a top London art gallery. Yes!

Oh God. When did I say I worked there? Oh well. I'll busk it. Just remember I have a Passion for Art.

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  1. Sooo, where do I start with what I am loving about today's (yesterdays??) blog:-

    the Glad Shat bit made me snigger all the way to work (wonder if he was ever called that at school?). I am now reading the rest of it at work and people keep looking at me as I sit smirking at my computer. I really love the yoga class. It reminded me of the time when Lucy and I and our friend Pauline went to a yoga class after school. It was full of old people (ie adults) and the woman who took it was very fat but very bendy. She made us do a thing called The Gas Ejector. We weren't to be embarrassed, it was all quite natural. As you can imagine we were reduced to giggling heaps. It really was very funny indeed.

    I also loved the bit when Kate rang and you were trying to work out who it was whilst keeping the conversation going. That happens to me the whole time.