Saturday 1 October 2011

Snubbed again

Finally get hold of Lily.

'Did you remember to ask anyone if they want to come to lunch after the concert tomorrow?' I ask.

'Yes, nobody can come.'

'What about Mattie?'

'She's going out with Hattie.'

'They're very New Best Friends, aren't they?' I say, unable to disguise my peevedness that Lily is no longer Mattie's favoured one. 'What about Saskia?'

'She's doing something.'


'Can't remember. Mu-um...' Lily is clearly itching to go.

'What about Esme?'

'She wants to be back in time for letter-writing.'

'Letter-writing? I can't believe it. She couldn't be more unlike you. Or any normal child. Are you sure?'

'Yes. Mu-um...'

'When is letter-writing?'

'After lunch.'

'She can write her letter at ours.'

'Mu-um. It's fine. I don't want to take anybody else out. Oh and Mum, the worst thing happened to Flora Danes.'


'You know the door to our dorm?'


'You know how it's got this metal strip at the bottom? Well it swung shut as she was coming in and her middle toe on her right foot was absolutely bleeding. I had to sprint down to sick bay and Belinda couldn't come...'

'Why couldn't Belinda come?' I demand. Isn't that what the nurse is for?

'She was looking after somebody else in sick bay. So I got Kate and she put a bandage on it and we all agreed that Flora should be on the sofa.'

'So did Flora go on the sofa?'

 'Yes, she's there now! Mu-um, we're all watching X Factor.'

'Oh, I thought that was over at nine.'

'No, it's still on. And there's this girl who's 16 and she's so good and there's this boy with monkey ears and he got through and he sings like a girl! And Louis likes him! Can I go now?'

'Yes, off you go.'

I feel flattened. It's like the Grand Flower Show Lunch Snub all over again. Why don't people want to come out to lunch with me and Lily? Why isn't it a treat? And what sort of schoolgirl would turn down lunch in favour of letter-writing?

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