Thursday 6 October 2011

Pad thai triumph!

What a difference it makes when you have the right ingredients for a recipe! When I tried this a couple of nights ago I was disadvantaged by having no prawns, no beansprouts, no spring onions and no peanuts - which might put off many a cook given that these are the chief ingredients of pad thai. Eliza, however, likes to improvise. She used left-over broccoli (only slightly yellowing), butternut squash, a red pepper and cashew nuts along with the statutory rice noodles, egg, Thai fish sauce and chilli. Very nice, if bearing only passing resemblence to pad thai. But now! We could be in Bangkok! A big plate of chilli-hot, tangy-sour, fishy-salty, nut-crunchy, new-laid-eggy, tender-prawny, slimy-noodly yumminess!

Bit peasanty for the pop-up, though.

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