Monday 17 October 2011

Battered defences

Argh! How could I forget to tell Vincent about my new Passion for Kayaking? I could have killed two birds with one stone, stopping him in his tracks with all that waffle about a) losing my Passion and b) not exercising.

Text him now:  Have taken up kayaking. It's my new Passion! Requires supreme Energy! Nothing to worry about.

He texts back: Jolly good. How do you manage that every day? You'll need something for the lower body too.


Phone rings. Cass for a gossip. Just as I'm settling in for a good old complain about Vincent and tar smears in the bath, she says, 'I'd better go. I've got a house full of builders and a bunch of Romanians in the bushes. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning at 9.25.'

'What's happening at 9.25?' I enquire.

'Yoga. At 9.30 in fact. In your village hall? Remember? We said we'd give it a try this week.'

Ha! I'll show Vincentface. 

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