Wednesday 5 October 2011

Dustbin disaster


ELIZA, hair unkempt, barefoot, wearing baby doll nightie, is humming a tune as she creates DUSTY’s breakfast ball of pills. She pops the ball in DUSTY’s mouth, then pushes aside a pile of saucepans in the sink to reach the tap.

We hear the ROAR of the dustbin lorry. ELIZA looks stricken. Her eyes dart to the coat cupboard. She is clearly assessing whether there’s time to throw something decent over/under her nightie. There isn’t. She JOLTS back the bolts on the door and DASHES out.


ELIZA RUNS across the lawn, GRABS the bin, YANKS open the gate and STRUGGLES to push the bin over a bump into the road.

She looks up and sees the MONSTER lorry cab. She RAMS the bin, the wheels catch on the bump and it TIPS over, spilling into the road. There’s the CLINK and SMASH of glass as a bag of bottles splays across the road. ELIZA GASPS and RUNS back to the house, SLAMMING the door after her.


ELIZA is hiding behind the fridge. We hear the ROAR of the lorry and the CRASH of glass mingling with RAUCOUS LAUGHTER.

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