Friday 9 September 2011

Bleached wail

My head is hurting along the parting line. I think I have bleached my head. It will probably blister and scab. No one will want to go near me for months.

Have run out of apple juice. And I keep forgetting to take my Endocrine Mender. I've now commenced my Test Day five times. Will I ever reach Nirvana if I can't get further than the first two capsules?

Lily calls. Yes! My darling is missing me!

'Mum, I'm in the netball match on Saturday. 2pm, at home. Don't be late and miss it like last time.'

'OK, darling, that's brilliant, so how is...?'

She cuts me off. 'Mu-um. I know you're going to say we'll talk about it when I see you, but can I fully board?'

I sigh. 'Darling, then I'll never see you.'

'OK, weekly board.' She has become impressively to-the-point in her negotiations.

'And what about your oboe lesson?'

'OK, weekly board except Thursdays for oboe.'

'All right.' I am defeated. 'After half-term, when the clocks go back.'

'Yess! Bye mum, I've got to go.'

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