Sunday 11 September 2011

Talking in haiku

A rat-a-tat at the door. Chris from the next village was just cycling by. He comes in for a cup of Earl Grey. I tell him about the Daily Haiku remedy for my ailing memory.

'A high salt diet leads to early dementia,' he says, 'so that explains it.'

'Hang on,' I say, writing that down. 'You talk in haiku!'

'A high salt di-et
leads to ear-ly de-men-tia -
so that ex-plains it'

He roars with laughter. 'Maybe we all speak in haiku,' he suggests. 'Maybe it's a natural rhythm?'

I am aware of the X Factor blaring to life in the background.

'Lily! Did I say you could watch the X Factor? No I did not!'

I turn to Chris. 'There, you see, it's not my natural rhythm. Mine is four syllables. "No I did not!"'

'Ah,' he laughs, 'that's because you're a mother.'

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