Tuesday 13 September 2011

Spark & Hustle

Argh! It's terrifying. Tory Johnson runs a Spark & Hustle Boot Camp. Her website has a video on Turning Passion into Profit. Even the site itself carries a sponsorship banner. Tory likes Daring Doers, who are ‘audacious people fuelled by wild passion and sheer determination.’ Oh God. A Daring Doer is apparently unbothered by sleepless nights and runs on adrenaline and a commitment to serving her target market and profiting big-time. Never to be confused with an ordinary small business owner (just twist the stiletto, Tory), she’s defying the odds, making money and building and empire of her own. No, no, no.

It’s no good. I can’t turn myself into Tory. I don’t have a SPARK of an idea nor the HUSTLE to make it happen. ‘If you are inclined to believe those infomercials or sales pages promising the opportunity to get paid gobs of money for sitting on your sofa and doing very little, then meeting Tory will be a rude awakening!  She knows more than anyone how critical the HUSTLE is to your success.’ Oh God. I am a sparkless, hustle-free failure.

But this is not right. No it is not. We are not American. We are British. We do not spark and hustle. We quietly coax our inner underdog out from under the security blanket and plod steadily to a position of relative status and wealth, one where we can hold our heads up and say we are proud to have done our bit. Unless we’re an MP. Or a banker. Or a newspaper editor. Oh God!

No, there’s only one thing for it. Back to Plan A. Marry someone with Spark & Hustle. Oh God. Except you need Spark & Hustle to snare him.

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