Monday 26 September 2011

Pinking cheer

Argh! My worst-case scenario has come to pass. I was just downstairs, pondering whether this feeling of hot-headedness is an official Symptom – ie hot flush – or due, rather, to a) sleeping above the aga, and/or b) recently implementing the Eliza Stannah; I go upstairs to re-wake Lily, when I hear the familiar patter of Dusty’s feet following me up the spiral stairs! Before I can stop her she’s half-way up, and when she’s neither up nor down, I can’t turn her round, so she has to come all the way up and I now have to put the Stannah in motion once again, resulting in more hot-headedness, clawed thighs, scraped elbows and strained lower back!


Miracle dog. The vet is cheered, he says, by Dusty’s appearance. It's not what he expected. She has lost 2kg of fluid around her neck and chest and looks brimming with youth once more. Her eyes are no longer red-rimmed and poppy, her breathing is much clearer. He is wondering whether in fact there was a growth at all – especially given that they couldn’t see one on the X-ray or scan – and whether it might have been some circulatory obstruction (ie clot) that caused the strokes and build up of fluid, and whether it might now have broken down and be going back to normal. A bit like when someone’s put sugar in your fuel tank. She’s been pinking. To what, however, can we put it down? The steroids or the apricot kernels? 

She can come downstairs on her own four paws tomorrow.

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