Thursday 15 September 2011

Literary heaven


Excitement. I am on the train to London. I feel like an important businesswoman on the daily commute. Except instead of a briefcase I have a ripped hessian shopping bag with ‘I love Mistlebourne Market’ on the front. And important businesswomen are on the 06:50. Plus I didn’t have time to put any make-up on. But no matter, will do that at Waterloo.

I have been invited to the Shoreditch House Literary Salon. Pause for gasps. I can hardly believe I used to be in the glittering fast lane of London and Asian life, instead of jacked up on the hard shoulder. But after my conversation with Sally yesterday, I've made a decision. I'm indicating and I'm re-entering the moving traffic. Hence acceptance of publishing pal Jen’s kind invitation. 


Shoreditch Lit Salon
IQs summit, laughter gales -
brain-spark revival

Now having a balti in Brick Lane with Jen. Love London!

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