Monday 12 September 2011

10 Ways to Make Money at Home

Look up how to write a CV. Hmmm, the Arise site is still open. Ooh! 10 Ways to Make Money at Home. Click. A video pops up. ABC News. Click. Oh my Lord! Tory Johnson’s got hair like mine and her voice could cut clean through a glass.  

Numberrr 1! Direct selling! No thank you.

Numberrr 2! Make stuff! Sell it at, the premier online marketplace of all things handmade. Hmmm, what could I make?

Numberrr 3! Start a concierge business! You could make money by providing a helping hand and doing errands for busy people in your community! Yes. I could. Like what, though? Dog-minding is sewn up, can’t garden, babysitting is the preserve of 14-16 year olds, and those who can’t make it to the supermarket shop online. All I can think of is ferrying people around. Yes! A friendly taxi service. Undercutting taxi rates! Without a licence… Hmmm. Click on and

Hmmm, yourerrandservice has some ideas:
  • Drop off or pick up items
  • Banking needs
  • Car inspection or renewal
  • Wake-up call
  • Help with anniversary gifts
  • Flower delivery
  • Wait for service man
  • Special day reminder
  • Hospital or nursing home visits 
  • Wash & vacuum car.
Well, obviously I can’t do the wake-up call or special day reminder, what with my MAADD. Mud-spattered, wrapper-filled car not good ad for car wash and vacuum. But I could do deliveries and pick-ups and drop-offs and visits and waiting – that’s pretty much what I do all day anyway.

  1. Turn clutter into cash! There may be money hiding in my closet! Hmm, the last time I gathered a whole lot of stuff to sell on Ebay, only the vintage Carmen rollers sold. Whether face to face or online, I am useless at selling. Not that I'll tell the Estate Agent that.
  2. Become a Virtual Customer Service Agent. Back to where we started.
  3. Steady freelance work. Ha. Still, and might surprise me.
  4. Bid on graphic design projects. Eh? and
  5. Get a gig! Eh?
  6. Create a T-shirt line! Now this could be good. I thought of a brilliant T-shirt slogan the other day. What was it? Ooh, you can upload your designs at and
  7. Start your own business! Focus on what you love to do and figure out how to find a few people to pay for it. Yeah, right. I'll just head on over to Tory’s own site for advice:

Oh dear. Got distracted designing T-shirts on with slogans like Kiss my asp™ and I love Doris Day™. Still, if every one of her fans buys one, I'll be a multi-millionaire!

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