Saturday 17 September 2011

Turning passion into prossie

Bump into Hugh and Jemima and tell them about my passion-seeking quest so that I can turn my Passion into Profit.

'What about a passion for sex?' Jemima suggests. 'You could become a prostitute.'

'Look at that absolute minger who was making 20 grand a week,' adds Hugh. 'You could rake it in.'

Hmmm. Will consider. Could take out a small ad in the Mistlebourne Magazine (a somewhat grandiose name for a photocopied sheet of A4). Trouble is, although I'm sure there are plenty of country husbands who'd be up for it, their wives wouldn't be too happy when they looked in their joint bank account. Plus the luxury industries are suffering, as Annie and Jim pointed out the other day. I'd hand out my cards to men at parties, and they'd say, 'How marvellous' and 'I know dozens of people who'd be interested', but when it came to it, they'd evaporate like the cushion buyers and house portrait-commissioners.

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