Thursday 8 September 2011


Oh my God. YouTube is full of videos of people of a certain age whingeing on about their AAADD. There’s even a stary-eyed bloke with a guitar singing about his Triple A Double D. I can’t tell if they’re doing it with irony or not. They all seem to have wandered through the house on the same trail of undone tasks, which makes it sound like they’re relating an urban myth, rather than telling a genuine anecdote.

Now I’m searching AAADD, I find Michele Hanson wrote a column in the Guardian about it as long ago as January 2006! So AAADD’s been around for years! I just wasn’t in the zone before, although obviously I’ve had Non-Age-Activated ADD for at least a decade, with exactly the same symptoms. Have I been suffering from  IAADD (Internet-Activated ADD), CAADD (Child-Activated ADD) or MAADD (Menopause-Activated ADD)?

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